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Solar Carports in Cape Town

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Solar Carport Services in Cape town 

Cape Town carport Services in Cape Town have been offering complete solar energy solutions to its valued customers across South Africa. We are offering full packages of solar panels, inverters, battery and installation.

Having the desire to provide a one-stop solution for all the solar needs for our clients, we are providing solar products for residential purposes as well. Our experienced team of experts are well trained and certified in terms of Solar component installations. Apart from installation of required equipment we also offer onsite technical assistance in case of any problem or inquiry by our clients.

Residential clientele can benefit from our free home assessment report to have their system’s calculation done and receive detailed estimates on the cost of equipment, installation and setup.

Taking into consideration specific requirements by clients we are offering tailor-made packages to solve all problems with regards to electricity. By making use of this technology, it will facilitate your business by cutting down your costs significantly every month. You can expect close to 70% electricity saving per month when you opt for this technology as a means to do away with the grid power supply.

Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy and does not lead to CO2 emission so it is a better choice for environmental protection too. Since using raw natural energy does not hamper environments there is no need to worry about the maintenance of equipment which saves huge sums of money without compromising the quality provided by us.

By opting for the best available 1 stop solution from Cape Town carport Services in Cape Town you can assure yourself of the safety of the valuable contents you have in cars especially anti-theft alarm installation services which can be provided by our professionals who have a record of experience and skills over a vast number of installation services.



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